bunnyhomes are proposing to deliver 168 high-quality and traditionally designed open-market and affordable homes on the land off Castle Street, to help meet local housing for Bodmin.

The open-market homes are in a range of sizes and designs and a mix of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom homes, with off-street parking and gardens.

30% of the homes will be affordable and 25% of the houses will be ‘accessible homes’ in line with the Cornwall Local Plan.

Landscaping has been fundamental to the evolution of our design. Our proposals include substantial tree planting at the entrance to the site and around a central park, which is inspired by both the great Georgian plant collectors and some of the outstanding gardens dotted throughout the Duchy.

A sketch the proposals for the land off Castle Street, viewed from the south east (click plan to enlarge)

The proposals for the land off Castle Street, within the context of the wider area (click plan to enlarge)

open market homes
Type of home#
1 bed apartment4
2 bed apartment20
2 bed house22
3 bed house46
4 bed house26
affordable homes
Type of home#
1 bed apartment12
2 bed house23
3 bed house15

design of the homes

We are designing the most beautiful new homes to be built in Cornwall.

Our new homes are inspired by some of the best examples of housing from within Cornwall.

Our homes have been inspired by the traditional styles we are all familiar with, with well- proportioned elevations, sash windows and elegant entrance features.

Great care has been taken with architectural details, such as the large symmetrical windows of the era, and elegant handmade zinc porches with scalloped canopies.

The proposal has also been shaped by the principles of good design for new homes, as set out in the Cornwall Design Guide.

Images of the proposed homes (click image to enlarge)

access, highways & parking

Illustrative view of the proposals from Castle Street (click plan to enlarge).

We are proposing to access the site where 51 Castle Street currently is (click plan to enlarge).


Cornwall Council’s Local Plan allocation (Bd-M1) requires the site to be accessed via Castle Street/Old Callywith Road. The current plan is to place the access where 51 Castle Street is. The visibility both ways from the access is within acceptable limits, making this access safe for future residents and other road users. We are exploring with the College ways of enabling them to access the land at the rear of their site.

There will be pedestrian and cycle links criss-crossing the whole site, linking the residents to key areas in the local area, including Callywith College, nearby commercial premises and the Town centre, which integrates the site into the wider community. These links will also enable residents from across Bodmin to access the new park.


The existing road network has been assessed as capable of accommodating the additional vehicle trips into and from the site.

As the site is so well located it will be possible for new residents to safely walk to work, to the shops and to the town centre.

The site is close to public transport links.


We are providing 367 car parking spaces on the site, including garages or carports for 72 homes. This is on average over two spaces per home across the site.

park proposals

A landscaping plan of the park in the centre of the site (click plan to enlarge)


The site is some distance from the nearest flood zone and judged as having the ‘lowest probability of flooding’ by the Environment Agency. As part of our application, we are looking to incorporate a sustained drainage system.


The landscape provides for a balance between nature and recreation and includes both formal and informal play spaces as well as a wide variety of specimen trees, including Western Red Cedar, Weymouth Pine and Japanese Hill Cherry.   The park will be designed for visitors and residents of all ages and with all accessibility needs met. The landscaped areas within the public areas of the site will be maintained by a management company.


An assessment of the site has already taken place, which has highlighted no particular ecological issues with the proposals for the site. Our designs have taken into account the existing Cornish hedgerows on-site, and aside from where necessary for roadways, these are being retained. This assessment will be part of our planning application and assessed by Cornwall Council.