bunnyhomes are proposing to deliver 16 open market and 10 affordable homes on the land off Polwithen Drive.

It will be a low-density development, with areas of open space and will include both bungalows and two-storey homes.

40% of the homes will be affordable and, in line with the St Ives Neighbourhood Plan, all homes will be only for those whose primary residence will be here.

The site will be accessed off Polwithen Drive, and the homes along the edge of Polwithen Drive will be bungalows and rising to two-storeys further into the field.

The proposals for the land off Polwithen Drive, within the context of the wider area (click to enlarge)

open market homes
Type of home#
2 bedroom bungalow3
3 bedroom bungalow1
2 bedroom house4
3 bedroom house4
4 bedroom house4
affordable homes
Type of home#
1 bedroom home2
2 bedroom home5
3 bedroom home2
2 bedroom bungalow1

design of the homes

We are designing the most beautiful new homes to be built in Cornwall.

Our Craft Collection is inspired by the Georgian design we are all familiar with, our homes will have well-proportioned elevations, sash windows and elegant entrance features.

Great care has been taken with architectural details, such as the large symmetrical windows of the era, and elegant ironwork porches with scalloped canopies.

The homes on the northern edge of the site, which are adjacent to the existing homes along Polwithen Drive, will be single-storey. The homes will then rise to two-storey towards the south of the site, away from the existing properties.

The proposals for the land off Polwithen Drive (click to enlarge)

access, highways & parking


The site will be accessed via Polwithen Drive, between number 43 and numbers 39/41. As this access will be relatively narrow, it will be shared surface for pedestrians and vehicles, which will encourage car users to drive slowly into the development. The visibility both ways from the access along Polwithen Drive are within safe limits, making this access safe for future residents and other road users.


The additional 26 homes on off Polwithen Drive will make a relatively minimal impact onto the surrounding and wider highways network. access, highways & parking Our calculations, which will be assessed by Cornwall Council during the formal determination of the planning application, show that there will be just 13 additional trips in the peak hour in the morning (between 8am and 9am) and 16 additional trips in the peak hour in the afternoon (between 5pm and 6pm).


We fully understand the frustration additional cars can create by a new development on parking in and around the existing homes. That’s why we’re providing 55 car parking spaces on the site, including garages for all 26 homes.

drainage, landscaping & ecology

A layout of the site, including the area of open space and attenuation pond (click to enlarge)


We understand that the site could be liable to flooding if we don’t provide a sufficient drainage system. That’s why we’ve taken this into careful consideration in our layout and drainage system design, including an attenuation pond in the north-west of the site. This design will fully comply with drainage regulations. These rules state that our development of the site has to, at best, not worsen the existing situation. We believe that the drainage engineering we will install within the development will be more than sufficient to meet this.


The development will not be a dense development, but instead be well landscaped with an area of open space at the north of the development, adjacent to some of the existing homes along Polwithen Drive. The landscaped areas within the public areas of the site will be maintained by a management company.


An ecological assessment of the site has already taken place, which has highlighted no particular ecological issues with the development of the site. This assessment will be part of our planning application and assessed by Cornwall Council.