who we are

bunnyhomes is a Cornwall-based home builder

founded in 2013, with an experienced team committed to delivering high-quality homes throughout Cornwall and Devon

We all live in Cornwall or Devon and our focus is on building family homes that fit beautifully within their communities.

Our homes are built to last using high-quality materials, locally sourced where possible. As well as providing much-needed homes in sustainable locations, the delivery of these homes will also provide skilled employment for years to come.

We all understand that we want the homes of our future customers and your future neighbours to be both beautiful and fit in with those around them. That's why we need to talk openly and honestly with the communities in which we're working and we always do consultation properly.

It is our mission at bunnyhomes to deliver homes and communities people will be happy to live in and proud to live next door to.

design of the homes

We are designing the most beautiful new homes to be built in Cornwall

Our new homes are inspired by some of the best examples of housing from within Cornwall.

Our homes have been inspired by the traditional styles we are all familiar with, with well-proportioned elevations, sash windows, and elegant entrance features.

Great care has been taken with architectural details, such as the large symmetrical windows of the era, and elegant handmade zinc porches with scalloped canopies.

Our proposals are also shaped by the principles of good design for new homes, as set out in the Cornwall Design Guide.