Cornwall & Devon

caring for the planet

Some of the steps we are taking to make our homes and neighbourhoods cleaner, greener and more sustainable include:


the best start

  • Enhancing our construction fabric to ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible from the very beginning of their life.
  • Using low carbon air source heat pumps on all out homes and solar panels where appropriate.
  • Installing rapid electric charging car points for every home.

birds, bees & leaves

  • Ensuring that our neighbourhoods can be homes for wildlife too, by installing bat boxes, bee bricks, bird houses andbunny byways, where appropriate.
  • Planting schemes are considered and planned in detail, choosing native plants, wildflowers and trees and reducing hardscaping. This encourages natural drainage and pollution absorption, as well as improving air quality.
  • Incorporation of SUDS systems into all our developments and ensuring that water runoff rates are the same as the greenfield rate.

sustainable homes

We are committed to delivering truly sustainable homes that will meet the challenges which the climate emergency presents.


healthy travel

  • All Neighbourhoods have well considered connections for cyclists/pedestrians to the wider community to minimise reliance on cars. Where possible, cyclist and pedestrian access is heavily considered during the design stages.
  • Carefully chosen locations for our Neighbourhoods to ensure they support the vitality of existing communities and are well related to facilities and amenities.
  • Locally sourced materials and tradespeople are used where possible to support the communities and wider areas we are creating.