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Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can find out more information about the consultation and plans for our new homes at land off Hengar Lane in St Tudy.

We hope to give you a clear understanding of what we are proposing for this site, which will offer over 50% affordable housing as well as enhanced community benefits.

We held a public exhibition on the 4th April at St Tudy Village Hall, where we shared our plans for the site, answered questions and took feedback on our proposals. We have now posted the proposed plans and site information displayed at the exhibition onto this website, for you to view.

The online consultation is now closed.

We thank everyone who submitted feedback for their comments, which we are now reviewing as we consider our next steps for our plans for the site.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

the site

The site is bounded by Hengar Lane to the north, Chapel Road to the south and by St Tudy Methodist Church to the west.

The site is approximately 6.37 acres and broadly triangular in shape. It adjoins Hengar Lane to the north-west, the Methodist Church to the west, Chapel Road to the south-west and a hedgerow/Quillets Barn to the east.

There are existing houses to the north of Hengar Lane and to the south of Chapel Road. There is an existing public right of way across the north-east corner of the site and the site is bordered by trees and hedgerows.

At the moment, St Tudy does not have an adopted Neighbourhood Plan.

We are bringing forward this site as an ‘exception site’, with our proposals focusing on providing more than 50% affordable housing to meet identified local needs, as well as significant community benefits.

This is a plan showing the constraints and opportunities taken into account when developing the site.

our layout

We are proposing to deliver 14 affordable and 13 open-market homes on the land off Hengar Lane.

We plan to include a mix of different types of homes, including apartments in maisonettes, bungalows and houses.

We are bringing forward this site as a rural exception site that is ‘affordable-led’, with over 50% of the homes on offer as affordable housing, including a mixture of affordable rent and shared ownership homes.

We are looking to address the affordable housing need as identified by Cornwall Council, which includes the need for 1-and 2-bedroom homes.

The site will be accessed from Hengar Lane.

Proposals for the land off Hengar Lane, within the context of the wider area.

our homes

We take great care in ensuring our homes and neighbourhoods are beautifully designed, fitting into the local setting.

We are proposing a range of homes on the site, including apartments in maisonettes, houses and bungalows.

We are also planning to incorporate a significant range of community benefits within the site, including a natural play area, woodland area and community orchard, as well as additional community parking.

craft collection
Type of home #
the granary3
fox's leap6
ivy house2
owl corner2
affordable homes
Type of home #
two bedroom bungalows3
one bedroom apartments8
two bedroom house3
Artist’s impression of the proposals.

affordable homes

The design and quality of all our homes is paramount, including those which will be affordable homes.

Our affordable homes have good-sized gardens, with at least one parking space for each home, depending on the size.

We produce our homes to be “tenure blind” - meaning that the materials and design of the affordable homes matches the open market homes we sell directly.

If you would like to be considered for one of our affordable homes, you must be registered with the council. You can contact the council’s affordable housing team for further information on the qualifying criteria and for support with registering for either affordable rented housing or shared ownership.

craft collection

Our Craft Collection is inspired by the Georgian design we are all familiar with.

Great care has been taken to reflect architectural details of the era, such as well-proportioned symmetrical elevations, elegant handmade porches, and large sash-style windows.

homes (1)

access, highways & parking

A transport plan for the site.


Our calculations of the additional journeys being made on these roads around St Tudy will be assessed by Cornwall Council during formal determination of the planning application.


The site will be accessed via Hengar Lane. We will be providing safe and suitable access, including appropriate visibility splays. Our proposal includes footpaths around the site, to enable safe community access to community benefits such as the natural play area and community orchard. The existing public footpath across the north-east of the site, which includes the historic stile, will be retained.


We are planning to provide 27 dwellings, of which 13 will have garages. This means that there will be 53 parking spaces across the site. Our designs include setting the garages back in the plots to ensure the streetscape is of homes rather than garages. This creates an enhanced streetscape and allows for extra off-street parking spaces.

drainage, landscaping & ecology

The drainage plan for the site


Surface water - As the above shows, we are considering two options to manage surface water. These include either infiltration or attenuation and are subject to infiltration tests and site permeability assessments currently underway.

If attenuation is the preferred option, our plans show where an attenuation basin would be located within the site. This would collect surface water that would then be released gradually into the watercourse.

Foul water – This will be pumped from the dwellings into a private treatment plant on the south of the site where it will be treated. Clear water will be discharged through a reed bed into the watercourse. A specialist company will make scheduled maintenance visits, accessing via Chapel Road.


There will be significant areas of open space across the site, including a community orchard on the west of the site and a new woodland area in the south of the site, for both the new and existing residents to use. The areas of open space will be carefully maintained by a management company to ensure that they remain in a good condition.


Ecological assessments have taken place and we will be looking to improve biodiversity on the site. Our plans include the creation of ecology buffers along the northern and eastern boundaries. We will enhance existing hedge boundaries and plant native trees and wildflower grasses. The ecology assessment will be part of our planning application and assessed by Cornwall Council.


We are committed to delivering truly sustainable homes that will meet the challenges which the climate emergency presents.

Just some of the steps we are taking to make our homes and neighbourhoods cleaner, greener and more sustainable include:

  • Enhancing our construction fabric to ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible from the very beginning of their life.
  • Using low carbon heat sources including air source heat pumps and solar panels where appropriate.
  • Installing rapid electric charging car points for every home.
  • Ensuring that our neighbourhoods can be homes for wildlife too, by installing bat boxes, bee bricks, bird houses and bunny byways.
  • Planting schemes are considered and planned in detail, choosing native plants, wildflowers and trees and reducing hardscaping. This encourages natural drainage and pollution absorption, as well as improving air quality.
  • Planting a Butterfly & Bee rose at every front door to promote cross pollination.
  • The special hi-tech coating on our basins and toilets is kinder to the planet. This innovative surface causes water to immediately form droplets on contact, which then merge into beads and simply drain away. It greatly reduces the need for harsh cleaning products and helps the preservation of waterways.


The development of the land off Hengar Lane will offer a number of benefits to the St Tudy community and the wider area.
The proposed site layout.

We are proud that the homes we build not only provide much needed housing to the local community, but also provide employment to people in the local area. We use local sub-contractors where possible.

As part of the development, we will be providing 14 new affordable homes, in partnership with an experienced housing provider. These homes will be prioritised for those with a local connection.

Our proposals include the creation of community spaces for the enjoyment of all: a woodland area in the south east corner, a community orchard in the south west corner, a natural play/community space, and additional community parking with access from the Methodist Church.

Paths across and through the site will afford good pedestrian access and a stile will be added in the northern boundary, to encourage use of the existing public footpath.

We will work with Cornwall Council to further mitigate the impact of the development on the local community infrastructure, by making contributions where needed for things like education, highways and the NHS.


At bunnyhomes, we take the views of the local community in St Tudy seriously and are consulting properly on our plans for the land off Hengar Lane.

We held a public exhibition on the 4th April at St Tudy Village Hall on Wadebridge Road, between 2pm and 7pm., where we shared our plans for the site, answered questions and took feedback on our proposals.

We understand that some people may not have felt ready yet to attend public events. All the public consultation materials and information displayed at the exhibition on 4th April are now available to view online.

The online consultation is now closed.

We thank everyone who submitted feedback for their comments on our proposals. Now the public consultation period is ended, we will review the feedback we have received before we finalise our planning application submission.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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